SAFARI BOOTS in the UK and the US,
and on location in Africa

"Passion Play"

One from lockdown
(UK band line-up):

"Same Old"

Another one from lockdown:
Curiously, in spite of everyone having to stop work,
landlords still demand their monthly paycheck.
(UK band line-up):

"Freetown Bus"

in Sierra Leone & Aylesbury (UK band line-up):

"Twist it Round"

another one recorded in lockdown (UK band line-up):

"Don't Worry About Love"

at Roll on the Mattole, Petrolia, California (US band line-up):

"Merchant Bankers"

at Steeple Jam, Buckinghamshire (UK band line-up):

"Blue Glass"

at Mad River Brewery, Blue Lake, California (US band line-up):

"Freetown Bus"

at Arcata Farmers' Market, California (US band line-up):
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